Wikipedia, the True Killer App

Despite having killed more people than Jack the Ripper, Wikipedia appears unsated and has struck down yet another hapless victim.  While I’m sure Bill Gates has bigger things on his mind, the death of Encarta isn’t exactly the case of a youth struck down in the prime of life, but rather the gentle ushering of a terminal patient to a better place.  There was much talk on the part of the World Book’s Paul Kobasa for collaborating with Wikipedia during Wikimania 2006, but it seems that Web 2.0 has introduced yet another new model, best typified by CRPGs (but a staple of almost every video game), of killing your enemies and taking their stuff.  Now that Encarta is out of the way, I’d recommend Wikipedia take a breather before performing the coup de grace against the ailing Brittanica, maybe it could spend some quality time attending to the final rites of its sickly second cousin?

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