Tomorrow, AD

For all of us who find it completely not suspicious at all that everyone at Boing Boing loves Hot Tub Time Machine (starring action spectacular superstar John Cusack, not coincidentally soon to be a guest blogger at Boing Boing, which I wouldn’t have known except they mention it in every post, along with how impressed they are by the cinematic quality of John Cusack Presents Hot Tub Time Machine starring John Cusack) and are intrigued by the idea of “time travel” I direct you to a blog, from the future.

Ascii Dreams

Note the dates, note the prescient information that could only come from someone who actually came back from one week in the future.  Or perhaps the blog has become quantum entangled with a stray waveform tabby, and it exists both now and later.  Note that Dwarf Fortress Alpha is about to have a new iteration that includes the kinds of features I spent eight years looking for in Nethack (and all I ended up with was a rusty longsword, which is not, thank you very much, a metaphor).

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