The Emersonian Transcendentalism of the Insane Clown Posse

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And other papers that I would write if I had the time and learning…

“Michel Eyquem and Other Western Daoists”

“Quest for Glory: The Hero with a Thousand Builds”

“A Survey of Thematic Spam Based on Thematic Blog Posting: Effects on Machine Learning”

“But a Medieval Peasant Understood His Small World: An Exploration of Relative Ignorance and Its Implications on the Adoption of New Technology”

“Stockholm Syndrome in Large-Scale Electronic Surveillance”

George W. Bush, the Texas Rangers and the Future of America

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The United States of America – Founded in 1776 – was managed by George W. Bush from 2000-2008.  The Texas Rangers, founded in 1961, was managed by the same man from 1989 to 1998.  Given that Dubya’s managerial stint took place 224 years after the founding of the former and 28 years after the founding of the latter (that period lasting 3.45% of the lifetime of the organization as of time of management and 24%, respectively) and that the Texas Rangers had to wait until 12 years (24% of the lifetime of the organization at the time of measurable success) after Dubya’s time to achieve any measurable success, then according to my calculations we’ll be in an economic funk for an adjusted period equal to the period of reign, or 8.004 years, from the time of Dubya’s exit.

MacBook Pro Cancels Benchmark: Interrupted by Flaming Hot Magma

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Dammit, I just lost a piece of my life on MS Paint Adventures…  And for this?

Of course, I’m still not sure, but I think this method of storyteller as parser, whether community-oriented or feigned, is somewhere near Sword and Sworcery’s faux authentick.

Stuxnet: Could the Cure be as Dangerous as the Disease?

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Stuxnet seems to be a warvirus, and it seems to be finished.  But if I was in charge of the systems running a major site considered critically important, I’d make certain that when I installed the hotfixes and cleaned the system that the fixes didn’t themselves contain even more pernicious code.

Plans within plans…

Google Wave as Yo Dawg

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Elsewhere at my workaday life, I went on and on about the digital humanities relates to how Google canned Wave.  Here’s the tl;dr:

Either very funny or very dumb.


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Pulitzer Prize-winner and App Store Censoree Mark Fiore explaining the hidden costs of your latest status symbol.

In other news, ESRI’s new ArcGIS app reports the area of San Francisco to be 69 square miles, which is wrong, and different from the 79 square miles that it reported on Friday.  Of course, I was in San Diego on Friday, so maybe the reason it gave me a different value was because it was assuming a projection based on my location, which would make no sense.  More likely they’re just ironing out the kinks.  It’s amazing the quality of the junk we’re willing to play with in this perpetual beta test known as Web 2.5.1rc3 while implicitly supporting oppressive regimes across the world, allowed to be all the more oppressive due to the extremely reliable and highly effective surveillance tools and software we’ve developed.

But… Doesn’t Google own Youtube?

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So, I’m trying to get an episode of ST:TOS on Youtube and the rights-management requires an upgraded Flash Player on this laptop and that borks Firefox for some reason, so I figure I’ll give Chrome a try because it just happens to be built by the people that own Youtube.

Dammit, Jim, I'm a browser, not a dying folder icon!

Guess what innovative feature I get to try out?

Cellar door, oleomargarine; oleomargarine, cellar door

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A headfoot I noticed:


I think he has too many eyes, don't you?

Steve Jobs Says Duracell is Lazy, Energizer’s ‘Keeps going, and going and going’ mantra is “Bullshit”

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You remember Space Quest, don't you?

You remember Space Quest, don't you?

Or, at least, that’s what I expect to hear soon enough, now that Apple is in the battery business.


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It’s hard to tell if there’s such a fragmentation of visual culture that the post-ironic, repurposing crowd exists at a convex location from the materialist/idealistic crowd or if they’re right next to each other but, because of how we project them, they get split in half and floated away on an imaginary ocean.  You know, like Greenland when you run a Lambert Asian Conformal Conic.

To muddy the water a bit, I offer this piece of <3000 viewed Youtubedness:

What’s going on here?  Is it an attempt to show how absurd dancing is, or to show how absurd arguments are?  Or is it just playing a game with highly responsive digital tools (that’s about the only excuse I can imagine for the Brendan Frasier clapping meme) and the actual message isn’t a message at all, other than, “Look, I did something cool with Final Cut!” which is, ultimately, so idealistic as to be childlike, and hence the exact opposite of the ironic implication of much of these memes.  I think there’s a serious schizophrenia in modern underculture media production, to the point where I’m no longer sure if anyone is reflecting at all about what they’re producing and how it’s communicated.