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George W. Bush, the Texas Rangers and the Future of America

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The United States of America – Founded in 1776 – was managed by George W. Bush from 2000-2008.  The Texas Rangers, founded in 1961, was managed by the same man from 1989 to 1998.  Given that Dubya’s managerial stint took place 224 years after the founding of the former and 28 years after the founding of the latter (that period lasting 3.45% of the lifetime of the organization as of time of management and 24%, respectively) and that the Texas Rangers had to wait until 12 years (24% of the lifetime of the organization at the time of measurable success) after Dubya’s time to achieve any measurable success, then according to my calculations we’ll be in an economic funk for an adjusted period equal to the period of reign, or 8.004 years, from the time of Dubya’s exit.

MacBook Pro Cancels Benchmark: Interrupted by Flaming Hot Magma

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Dammit, I just lost a piece of my life on MS Paint Adventures…  And for this?

Of course, I’m still not sure, but I think this method of storyteller as parser, whether community-oriented or feigned, is somewhere near Sword and Sworcery’s faux authentick.