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Posted in Buckeye, Digital Innovation on July 21st, 2010 by Elijah Meeks – Comments Off

Pulitzer Prize-winner and App Store Censoree Mark Fiore explaining the hidden costs of your latest status symbol.

In other news, ESRI’s new ArcGIS app reports the area of San Francisco to be 69 square miles, which is wrong, and different from the 79 square miles that it reported on Friday.  Of course, I was in San Diego on Friday, so maybe the reason it gave me a different value was because it was assuming a projection based on my location, which would make no sense.  More likely they’re just ironing out the kinks.  It’s amazing the quality of the junk we’re willing to play with in this perpetual beta test known as Web 2.5.1rc3 while implicitly supporting oppressive regimes across the world, allowed to be all the more oppressive due to the extremely reliable and highly effective surveillance tools and software we’ve developed.