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Wikipedia Propaganda Posters

Posted in Digital Innovation, Epiphenomena, Eschatology on September 11th, 2009 by Elijah Meeks – Comments Off

Rather than use some kind of creative title, with allusions to timeless pieces of art, I decided to go for the lowest-common denominator, because I think people need to spend a little less time talking about Wikipedia and a little more time creating subversive works based on the implications of its status as the first Internet-enabled global cult of disinformation.

Oh Blog!

Posted in Digital Innovation, Eschatology on September 4th, 2009 by Elijah Meeks – Comments Off

You can’t leave anything alone on the Internet for more than three days without it crashing spectacularly.  Still, it’s better than ZModem.

It’s more a tweet masquerading as a blog post, so I leave you with a link to the latest security patch to WordPress, and direct your attention to the pings.  WordPress, like so much of the New Web, is so unprepossessingly international that it hardly seems fitting to draw attention to it.